Sustainable Materials of the Future using Fungi

We usher in a new era of sustainable fungi-based materials that deliver excellent performance. The future, as we see it, is a novel industrial chain based on biomaterials.

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Plastic Packaging is a Global Crisis.

Plastic is polluting the environment and poisoning us. It is one of the major problems humanity is facing today. Simply put, plastic has failed as a disposable packaging material because it's not disposable.

Plastics have an extremely low recycling rate, causing high persistence in the environment and human bodies.

of all plastic manufactured around the globe is used for packaging - Most is disposed of within minutes of use.This cannot continue.
of plastic is recycled; the rest ends up in landfills and leaks into the waste, soil and air. All the things we need to live and breathe.

As a result, microplastics can be found in the tissue of every living organism on earth. Research shows that an average person consumes up to 5 grams of microplastic every week!

Something must be done to stop this. That’s where we come in.

The MadeRight Solution

We provide a new material that delivers performance and sustainability.

Our mission is to combine innovative science and natural resources to create renewable packaging for a better future. In nature, fungi are the base layer of life. MadeRight harnesses this amazing resource and takes an innovative interdisciplinary approach. Our solution employs a circular economy model and uses organic industrial waste as a feed source for growing fungi.


First, we grow fungi on industrial organic waste


Then we turn them into high-value biomaterials


Finally, we make drop-in solutions that can be used in existing machinery

We provide the Packaging Industry with what it’s lacking

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Efficiency & Scale

Our technology uses fungi, an incredibly fast-growing organism, available all year round and adaptable to all climates. These qualities allow us to set up local manufacturing and scale rapidly.

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Untapped Resources

Our process converts "useless" difficult-to-treat waste streams into valuable raw materials.

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MadeRight solution implements ubiquitous materials available from diverse sources, minimising the need to transport raw materials and thus reducing carbon emissions.

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High Performance

MadeRight helps customers create durable packaging with a long shelf life.

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Cost Effective Alternative

MadeRight materials rival conventional plastic and enable the industry’s shift to sustainable packaging without compromising profitability.

Unilever Sustainable Challenge Award

Mass Challenge
22 Cohort

“The great potential of MadeRight's solution is to close gaps that hold us back from making the required transition to non-polluting and sustainable packaging materials while maintaining sustainable production processes themselves, and leveraging the wonderful natural qualities fungi have to offer.”

Noga Sela, CEO of Fresh Start

Our story so far...

Across the world, at the end of each day, hundreds of millions of people gather their plastic waste and burn it. Nobody comes to pick up the plastic waste, and even in countries that do, most of it still gets burned. Why? because plastic isn't recyclable with high efficiency. We realized that after its use, plastic is a pollutant waste, by just getting stuck in nature or landfills.

Usually, waste is a sign of an inefficient system, and we believe that to maintain our plant, we have to produce sustainable materials efficiently.

We believe fungi are the cutting-edge biotechnological factories of the future. So we created MadeRight out of the vision that we can produce sustainable novel biomaterials by harnessing fungi and applying our scientific expertise. Now we don't have to compromise between production costs, material performance, and our planet.

In the lab developing cutting edge biotechnological fungi solutions to replace plastic packaging

The Team

We are proud to be a versatile and experienced team of dedicated professionals spearheading this ambitious venture to propel the world forward in all the ways that matter.

Co-founder of MadeRight Rotem
Rotem Cahanovitc
Co-Founder and CEO
Co-founder of MadeRight Yotam
Yotam David
Co-Founder and CTO
Head of Chemistry at MadeRight Dr.Erez Cohen
Dr. Erez Cohen
Head of Chemistry Design

We'd love to hear from you...

If you’re interested in learning more about MadeRight, or want to express you interest in investing with us to help grow and scale our solution, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us below and we’ll be in touch!